SMD 2835 vs 3528: What is the difference?

Along with the LED popularity increasing, the majority of people prefer LED strip light as their application rather than incandescent, xenon, and halogen linear lighting. There are various size and chip number in current marketing. When you are purchasing the light strip, it may a confused issue without the comprehensive knowledge. Let’s do a comparison between the SMD 2835 and SMD 3528 to understand which is better for your choice.


What Does SMD mean?

SMD means the Surface Mounted Diode. In other words, it means the LED chip directly mounted on the strip and no wire needed. This technology development makes the LED strip scaled manufacturing becomes a possibility. And the four number of SMD following stands for the chip dimension. For example, the dimension of SMD 3528 is 3.5mm X 2.8mm.


SMD 2835 vs 3528

We are going to compare both SMD chips from both the lightness and energy consumption. Compared with SMD3528, SMD2835 has excellent performance at luminous efficiency. The output of 2835 is Lumens is 2-3 times higher than the SMD3528. The Lumens output of the SMD2835 is up to 90-100 per watt. On the other hand, the obvious improvement of SMD2835 is there is a heatsink device on the back of SMD2835. And the heatsink allows great heat dissipation, which obviously improves the life span of LED strips. Additionally, as we know the main factor to impact the brightness can contribute to the scale of flow current. The great heat dissipation allows the circuit to withdraw higher current(40-60mA) so that it enhances the lightness of the SMD2538 chip LED light strip.

Besides, the thickness of 3825 results in the long-standing problem, while the thinner SMD2538 solved this problem properly. The cost of SMD2538 is also reduced than the SMD3528.

Concluded from the above discussion, it is easy to find the SMD2538 not only has a better performance but also costs less than the SMD3528.

SMD 2835 vs 3528