Shine Decor Led Strip Neon Light Customer FAQs

You can find answers to Shine Decor customers' frequently asked questions. Like how to cut? largest length? can be hardwired? 90-degree install solution and so on.

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1.Do you have any connector pack for 90 degree turn with your led neon strip light?

There are suggestions for the corner installation, please kindly check.
  • 60° soft angle installation. When for 90 angles, leave a 60° soft angle in the corner and use mounting clips in turning places as the below picture shows. Mounting clips are included in each neon rope light pack.   It does not bend at 90°. Please do not fold or crease the light.
   60 degree installation showing sample.
  • neon light strip minimum bending radius is 4cm/1.57inch.
  • Generally we have the connector pack including the connection wire as below shows. We are wondering if the connection wire is helpful for the corner installation. Led neon light single color needs a connector pack 

    straight connector and connector wire please choose Proselect neon and COB neon(Lum neon and Eco neon 8*16mm dont have connector packs), led strip light needs a connector pack choose eco strip have 90degree connector packs.

2.  What is the smallest unit if I want to cut 120V led strip light or 120V led neon light?

The cutting unit for both 120V led strip light and led neon rope light is 0.5m (3.28ft). The cutting point (black dot or blank area) is the only area for cutting otherwise it will damage the circuit.

If you need very small cutting unit neon, we would like to introduce the 12V silicone neon rope light. Its cutting unit is every 2.5cm(1 inch). our 24V silicone neon lights cutting unit is every 5cm(2 inches).
3. Can I hardwire /Wall Switch 120V led strip light and led neon light?

Yes, LED rope and strip lights are able to be hardwired. Please simply cut off the plug to do the hardwired. It would be great if this can be finished by a professional electrician. 

Please always keep the rectifier after the cutting. The rectifier is the big white piece between the plug and the light neon. The connection method as the below picture shows. (Shine Decor COB neon rope light no rectifier)


4. What is the largest connect length of one 120V led strip light or 120V led neon light?

You can have max 150ft on 1 line. If you need 200ft, you will need to use another outlet, don't hook up to the end of the 150ft section you already made.  


5. 120V led strip light and neon light can smart control by phone?

Yes, but a separate controller is required. Cut the strip to the desired length and install the smart controller. But Shine Decor led strip lights and led neon lights don't offer smart control function, if you want to smart control your phone, we suggest you buy our silicone neon lights. Those with smart functions and easy to operate. And need a professional electrician to install will be more using guaranteed after installation, and need to use high quantity and famous brand smart controller. Notice that the power rate must arrive at 500W and output voltage AC110V if you want to buy smart controller.

We also don't have brand recommendations. Anyway, we don't recommend you use the smart controller. Because it's complicated project and may ruin the LED neon lights broken if it does not handle it very great or choose brand controller has a problem.  


6.The led rope/strip lights can be dimmed?

  • Yes, all of our 120v neon rope lighting can be dimmed. Please use the appropriate dimmer for each type of lighting. Incandescent Rope Lights can be dimmed using a standard wall dimmer, for LED's please use a dimmer that is rated for use with LED lighting.

    Dimmer check on here:

    Wall  dimmer recommend: you can choose Lutron DVWCL-153PH-WH, Lutron CTCL-153PR-WH, or another dimmer model from the market, and make sure to hardwire the lights and the dimmer only by a qualified electrician.   


    7. How many mounting clips will I need?

    Each lighting project is different so the amount of clips required can vary. Generally we recommend that they be used every 6 inches to 1 foot apart. You may require more for mounting around bends or to keep the rope light from sagging between clips.

    You can buy extra mounting clips, here is the link:  


    8.Is it ok to leave the lights out for the winter? What are the temperature exposure recommendations?

    Our all led neon strip light working temperture is -4F' TO 120F'. See if this meet your local condition.  


    9.If you are not sure which accessories to buy?

    Please let us know your Amazon order ID and tell us the accessories part name you want to buy, and we will tell you the right link to buy. We have types led neon lights, if you are not sure please contact us first. Thanks for understanding.  


    10.Cut question

    Note: If you cut a small length and you don't want this length anymore, you can use an end cap to seal the end position. Please search "end cap" on our website, can find an extra end cap pack to buy.

    If you cut the original neon strip light into two or more lengths to use, you will need an extra power cord pack/controller pack to making cutted neon light work again! Search power cord pack or controller pack to buy.


    11.What is the different between LED STRIP LIGHT and LED NEON LIGHT?

    LED STRIP LIGHT and LED NEON LIGHT are essentially the same, they have different light diffusion effects due to their different outer jacket material. You can see individual light bulbs on the LED STRIP LIGHT when it’s illuminated, whereas you won’t see it on LED NEON LIGHT.

    If you want to see bulbs within LED light, you can choose the LED strip light collection on our website.

    If you don't want to see bulbs within the led light, please choose the LED neon rope light collection on our website.


    For decoration purposes, LED NEON LIGHT would be the best choice for creating a lighting atmosphere, while LED STRIP LIGHT tends to be placed hidden from direct view, most used for lighting the room instead of using main chandelier on the room and more widely used in residual and commercial applications.


    12. Buy guide quick reference

    1. Buy the brightest white neon rope light choose COB neon.

    2. Buy the brightest white led strip choose Plus Strip.

    3. Buy Medium-priced white neon and choose Eco neon, Lum neon, and RGB choose Eco RGB neon.

    4. Buy Medium-priced white strip and choose the Eco strip.

    5. Buy 4000K white strip choose CCT tunable white strip.

    6. Buy low luminance white strip and choose the Lite strip.

    7. Buy low luminance RGB strip and choose the Lite RGB strip.

    8. Buy pool lighting choose 24V IP67 smart RGB strip.

    9. Buy high-priced white neon/strip and choose Proselect neon/Proselect strip.

    10. Buy holiday rope lights for holiday festival decorating.

    11. Buy RGB neon strip light search RGB.

    12. Buy smart neon strip search smart.


    13. Website discount offer.

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    5.If you have a large quantity and stock need, please contact our email:
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    Help the the z4 pin connector kit will not work for me. I need too speak to someone who may be able too help me. I have called and let messages multiple emails with no response


    hello I bought the 30m led neon from amazon . I need to run a light through a large room across a column. I need inside and outside 90 degree corners.

    Marty Russo

    Hi, I need details re/ the Dimmer module fuse & driver access for the accessory module of the single color non-neon flexible rope light.
    Thank you, D.H.


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