Shine Decor Led Neon Light Customer 2023 FAQs

You can find answers to Shine Decor customers' frequently asked questions. Like how to cut? largest length? can be hardwired? 90-degree install solution and so on.

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1.Do you have any material or design specs for 90 degree turn with your light strips?

There are suggestions for the corner installation, please kindly check.
  • 60° soft angle installation. When for 90 angles, leave a 60° soft angle in the corner and use mounting clips in turning places as the below picture shows. Mounting clips are included in each neon rope light pack.
  • Generally we have the connector pack including the connection wire as below shows. We are wondering if the connection wire is helpful for the corner installation. If so please kindly let us know the dimension of the strip neon you have so we can introduce the right dimension connection pack kit for you. 



2.  What is the smallest unit if I want to cut 120V led strip light or 120V led neon light?

The cutting unit for both 120V led strip light and led neon rope light is 0.5m (3.28ft). The cutting point (black dot or blank area) is the only area for cutting otherwise it will damage the circuit.

If you need a smaller cutting unit neon, we would like to introduce the 12V silicone neon rope light. Its cutting unit is every 2.5cm(1 inch). our 24V silicone neon lights cutting unit is every 5cm(2 inches).



3. Can I hardwire 120V led strip light and led neon light?

Yes, LED rope and strip lights are able to be hardwired. Please simply cut off the plug to do the hardwired. It would be great if this can be finished by a professional electrician. 

Please always keep the rectifier after the cutting. The rectifier is the big white piece between the plug and the light neon. The connection method as the below picture shows. 


4. What is the largest connect length of one 120V led strip light or 120V led neon light?

You can have max 150ft on 1 line. If you need 200ft, you will need to use another outlet, don't hook up to the end of the 150ft section you already made.


5. 120V led strip light and neon light can smart control by phone?

Yes, but a separate controller is required. Cut the strip to the desired length and install the smart controller. But Shine Decor led strip lights and led neon lights don't offer smart control function, if you want to smart control your phone, we suggest you buy our silicone neon lights. Those with smart functions and easy to operate.


6.The led rope/strip lights can be dimmed?

  • Yes, all of our 120v neon rope lighting can be dimmed. Please use the appropriate dimmer for each type of lighting. Incandescent Rope Lights can be dimmed using a standard wall dimmer, for LED's please use a dimmer that is rated for use with LED lighting.


  • Shine Decor proslect neon 7*14.5mm/ proslect strip 6*10mm have match dimmer to offer, which you can trust buy on our website.


  • Shine Decor Eco strip/ Eco neon 8*16mm we dont have dimmer pack kit for the eco neon. But the neon compatible with the majority wall dimmer.
  •   As to the wall dimmer, we suggest you use LUTRON CTCL-153P OR LUTRON MACL-153M wall dimmer, pay attention to the maximum on-load LED power when choosing a Lutron brand dimmer and make sure to hardwire the lights and the dimmer only by a qualified electrician.


  • 12V/24Vsilicone neon can also be dimmed, depending on your installation and application either an inline dimmer will work, or you can purchase a dimmable driver for use with a wall dimmer.



7. How many mounting clips will I need?

Each lighting project is different so the amount of clips required can vary. Generally we recommend that they be used every 6 inches to 1 foot apart. You may require more for mounting around bends or to keep the rope light from sagging between clips.

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