What waterproof rate LED neon strip light can used for the pool?

1.IP 65 waterproof rate LED neon strip light is only for outdoor lighting.

2.IP 67 waterproof rate can be used poolside.

3. IP 68 waterproof rate neon strip is used for underwater. 

Note: Shine Decor has an IP 67 24V smart RGB strip special for pool side , you can search IP67 on our website to find this product. But please dont use our 110V led neon strip for the pool or similar background.

Shine decor 24V Super Waterproof IP67 Smart RGB Strip Pool Strip Lighting



Note: Shine-Decor 110V-120V IP 65 LED strip neon light is not for the pool or similar background, it is dangerous to cause electric shock.  You can use IP65 led neon strip light for outdoor lighting and all connector position make waterproof operation.

Check how to make waterproof here:

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