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What is CRI in LED lights? Higher CRI, better LED light strip?

Along with the popularity of LED strip light. There are various suppliers in the current LED strip light market. Some companies declaimed that their LED light strip is better than others due to its high CRI which reached over 90. Is this theory true? Is that CRI is the unique criterion to judge whether the LED strip light is good or bad? In the following content, we are going to discuss what is CRI and the relationship between CRI and Lumen.


What is CRI in LED lights?

CRI means Color Rendering Index. It is an important measurement of the accuracy of a light source on rending colors. The CRI of sunlight is 100. An accurate light source makes the object appear as they appear under the natural daylight. Based on the definition of the CRI, it is easy to conclude that higher CRI, better LED strip light. But when taking into consideration of characteristics of the light source, light illumination determines the degree of reduction of the color of an object

The Relationship between CRI and Lumen

It is acknowledged that LED white light is the mix of blue light and yellow phosphor. And the three primary colors are red, green, and blue. Then the yellow color is made for the mix of red and green. Because of the spectral characteristics, the red color domination is relatively small. This leads to a general light source CRI is less than 100, usually around 70-80. People might be surprised about low CRI is totally different as the current LED market advertisement declaimed that their product CRI is over 90. In fact, there is a way to improve LED CRI. By adding pink or green power, then the color rendering index will be higher but the luminous flxu will be reduction. At Present, there is no better method to improve both CRI and Luminus at the same time.

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