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LED lighting strips for home: Applied LED strip light in your home lighting layer design

The designer may divide a room space into three sections and applied with different functional lights at different section to reach the visual appeal of a room. These three different lighting modes are: ambient, accent, and task light. And good design is that the lights placed in the room will be adjusted to suit the homeowner’s activity and mood. 

  • Ambient lighting: Applied for people perform housework such as cleaning, 
  • Task lighting: Design to allow people reading, working, or making up
  • Accent lighting: Design for going to bed, adjust mode, or create an atmosphere

Ambient lighting:

Ambient light is defined as general lighting in interior design. Make it more clearly, these places are major ambient lighting decoration points: cabinets in the kitchen, behind a bathroom mirror, or hallway coves. Because the ambient light has evenly distributed throughout the room, more and more modern designers prefer to adopt this way to decorate home for creating a warm and welcome atmosphere. Applied with our LED strip light to decorate your room ambient light can make everyone in your room feel lively and excited to be together. Our strip light has the feature of evenly distributed cutting point, high brightness, and high-temperature durability so it can fit any space even the corner, and can be curved as any shape or letters.

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Task lighting:

A good example of applying LED strip light in task lighting is cabinet lighting. There are several advantages to utilize LED strip light under there. Firstly, it can be a perfect DIY practice for you to have a try by adding your creativity to your home design at the foundation of the low expense. Secondly, the installation of it is really simple and convenient, just apply the epoxy high strength structural adhesive to paste it tightly under the cabinet and connect to the power source for an incredible kitchen tasking lighting.

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Accent light:

LED strip light also plays an important role in accent light to improve a room’s ambient. Running LED strip light is a great way to add an accent for your room due to the color-changing RGB features. For example, people always associate the red color with passion and stimulation, and the blue color will let people feel relaxed and comfortable. Decorate with our easy DIY LED strip light may stimulate your imagination as much as possible. With our dimmed LED strip light, you can create any rhythm with what mood you desired to be.

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