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Notes you need to know before the LED strip light installation

Nowadays more and more people use LED strip light as their accent light or task lights because of their color changeable, energy-saving, and high flexibility. For the reason of safety precautions, here are some notes you need to take into mind before the LED strip light installation. 

  1. Like all electrical equipment, the LED strip light should be installed by the professional electricians. 
  2. Please avoid exposing the LEDs, dimmers or power suppliers into the intense electro-magnetic fields, including lighting.
  3. Please keep the place dry where you are going to locate the controllers and power suppliers because of the non-waterproof.
  4. Pay attention to the proper polarity.

We recommend our customer to have a“dry-run” procedure before the installation:

  1. Make sure all tools ready before the start.
  2. Place your lights and power supply on the floor or table.
  3. Because of the resistance in LED strip light, too many LEDs may result in the the the color fading or dimming at the end of the light. You need a bigger power supplier or shorten the light length. 
  4. It is possible to have some damage during the shipping or the light you received may defective. So it is important to have a test before the installation by connecting all staff. This step is really helpful to know whether the problem happened in LED strip light original or during the installation. Then different issues have very different solutions. This step helps people save time and energy in trouble-shooting.

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