Shine Decor Dimmer Instructions

Remote Pairing With Controller Steps:

1. Unplug the power cord or switch off the power to keep the neon light off.

2. Then hold the "+" button for 5 seconds to 10 seconds, signal light towards the controller.

3. Keep pressing the "+" button(don't remove your finger) and at the same time please plug the light's power cord in.

4. The light starts flashing meaning the pairing is done, you can use the remote to control the brightness now.

<3>. When doing the above pairing step 2, make sure to press the button "+" for longer than 5 seconds, and the signal light towards the controller. Check if your light flashes after you paired, if still does not work, pair it several times correctly.

Use Guidance

1. Each controller connects up to a 150FT LED Strip Light and 150FT led neon light.

2. When installing the dimmer's controller, do remember to use the 2-prong pin, the pin's sharp side set into the light, the round side to the dimmer controller's round holes.

3. After silicone glue seals the connections, put strip light's all the connection sides, power cord side, and end tail side indoors or in waterproof boxes to avoid water seeping in.


Shine Decor dimmers check here:

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