The Top Chandelier Light Bulbs To Look Out For in 2022

Adding a sophisticated, finishing touch to any room, chandeliers can really transform the appeal of your household. Probably the most challenging aspect of adding a stunning light fixture to the interior of your home décor is knowing which specific chandelier light bulb you should couple with the actual chandelier. Read on to find out what your options are to discover your best fit in the year of 2022.

Manufacturers are always creating new, innovative products, creating a wide range of light bulbs available on the market. Manufacturers are always creating new, innovative products, creating a wide range of light bulbs available on the market. With each product having upsides and downsides, some options may suit what you need more than others.

With electricity bills to bear in mind, along with any budget, environmental, or aesthetic needs, you may want to create a specific feel with your product. Therefore, there could be more to consider than you first thought with the different categories of chandelier bulbs. Without further ado, let's discuss these options!

The different types
Shapes, sizes, and voltages all vary with different light bulbs, resulting in varying efficiency, quality, and energy conversions. It might be wise to consider the different types before buying the first item you see.

Incandescent light bulbs are regular, electronic bulbs with a wire tungsten filament in their interior. The electric current going through the filament heats it, generating light. The glass casing protects the filament from oxidation, keeping it inside a nitrogen vacuum, whilst the bulb socket offers mechanical support and helps connect electricity.

Coming in different sizes and styles, there is a range of products to suit many individual needs, although they are becoming less common due to the idea that sudden current flows sometimes hyper heat up and burn out the filament. Only having a 700 to 1000 hours lifespan, people are now turning towards a more effective solution.

LEDs are a more effective solution than incandescent light bulbs. Technically, they are little semiconductors or diodes rather than actual lightbulbs. Semiconductors are devices that are composed of two terminals, an anode and a cathode. It allows the current to flow out of one direction, causing photons to be released which combine to produce light from the diodes or semiconductor. Being kinder to the environment, having colour variety, and lacking a wire filament certainly sets LED bulbs apart from regular ones, although there are other differences to consider too.

The differences
• The production of light
With incandescent bulbs, the filament generates heat to produce light. For LEDs, electricity is applied to a semiconductor to stimulate it, causing electron movement and the release of photons.

• Use of energy
Per 10 LED watts, incandescent bulbs use around 50 to 60 watts. However, LED bulbs only use around 11 to 12 watts, making them around 5 times more efficient than regular bulbs!

• Price
Normally, incandescent bulbs cost around $200 or more for 20+ years, whilst LEDs only cost about $34 for 20+ years. It's clear to see that LEDs are 6 times cheaper than incandescent bulbs!

• Lifespan
Incandescent chandelier bulbs only last a couple of months, usually flickering for a short period until they eventually die. On the other hand, LEDs last for much longer, withstanding a staggering 100,000 hours or, in simpler terms, a 10-year duration before dimming and fading out.

• Types
With a very limited variety of incandescent bulbs on the market, there are plentiful options of LEDs to choose from, with coloured options, strips, and tech-controlled lights spoiling customers for choice.

The verdict: in this modern age, LEDs are clearly a better and more innovative choice, providing a cheaper, longer-lasting, and environmentally friendly solution to buyers across the world!

Chandelier light bulbs to look out for

1. Hudson Lighting 6-Pack Dimmable Indoor/Outdoor Bulbs
This expert-recommended product has been constructed with quality in mind, with well-made LEDs keeping power costs down. Only utilising 5 watts in its provision of comforting light, this product is reliable, dimmable, and doesn't flicker. These dimmable bulbs have been designed to resemble the traditional candelabra bulbs, helping homeowners inject sophistication into any room.

2. T6 Tubular LED Candelabra Chandelier Light Bulb
This product holds an appealing, vintage Edison style, consuming only 4-watt energy to deliver 400 lumens. Being simple to install, having dimmable features, and a 2-year warranty, the ease of this product can reassure any homeowner's worries whilst adding that finishing stunning touch to an interior room. Also, with so many chandeliers being powered by a dimmer switch, this dimmable feature is crucial to creating memorable settings.

3. Simba Lighting Candelabra Torpedo Clear Light Bulbs
Constructed with long-lasting use in mind, this durable, trusted product is ideal for any customer wanting reliable bulbs. These 60-watt bulbs provide warm, soft light which isn't too harsh or too weak. Enabling customers to find a perfect light setting with its dimmable feature, these bulbs even easily fit a range of matching sockets, including but not limited to pendants and scones.

4. E12 Flame Tip Candelabra LED Chandelier Light Bulb
This vintage Edison style product consumes only 4 watts of energy to provide 250 lumens. With style, sophistication, and efficiency, customers can embrace an attractive amber glow that can appear to warm up any room. This product has a display of ETL certification and a 2-year warranty, making this a reassuring choice for anyone wanting to invest in a durable, trustworthy product.

5. G9 Cylindrical LED light bulb
As a Hansen's Chandelier Light Bulbs product, this cylindrical LED can replace the 60-watt halogen bulb. Designed as an energy-saving, warm white, and non-dimmable bulb, it has incredible heat dissipation with its included ceramic fireproof material. Offering safe eye protection and a 360o Beam Angle, this product provides flicker-free and anti-glare features, making it ideal for chandeliers.

As you can probably see, LED bulbs for chandeliers are a better lighting choice than incandescent bulbs. Offering aesthetic appeal, affordable prices, and a great variety of choices, each LED product has its own unique features which makes them special. Therefore, shopping around and comparing different products is crucial to your chandelier bulb buying process and discovering the perfect chandelier bulb for you!