What is LED strip Voltage drop?

Have you noticed that when you install DC power supply LED strips, you may find at the beginner part of this LED strip is brighter than the end of it? It means the brightness is uneven, it changes as the length of distance increases. Why did this situation happen? As we all known, LED brightness can be adjusted by the current flow value, more current flow to the circuit, more brightness there is. We can image the charged electrical wire as a pipe, and the electrical power as water. When the water flow to the pipe, the pipe is fullest and most pressure on the first part of the pipe, and gradually tapers off as the pipe gets long. The resistance is increasing along with the length of wire increase so that the voltage drops as the distance of wire length increase. Secondly, the copper trace near the power supply handles too much current than they can carry, this will increase the resistance. 


The influence of LED strip voltage drop 

Voltage drop happens is not determinate by LED themselves performance, it was caused by the less voltage supplied than the original design. It is obvious that the voltage drop is because the lose power was distributed by resistance. And this is how heat generating. Based on the above discussed we need to keep some extent distance between the light strip and heat-sensitive materials when handling the installation. 


How to avoid the LED strip voltage drop

The essential reason to cause this is because of two much water flow to too little pipe. Methods to avoid this happening are 1.make sure you have the effective power supply and most of the power supply is max load than 80%; 2. apply wider wire gauge for connection wires; 3. Purchase the LED strip light with a thicker copper in the circuit.