Features and Applications of Silicone Neon Strips

Are you looking for a lighting product that can transform the interior design look of your home and infuse captivating, modern beauty into every room you step into?

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, then look no further than silicone neon strip lights, a kind of product that can set your aesthetics apart and impress any guest that steps over your threshold. To find out more about this fresh and exciting lighting opportunity, read below to discover its features!

What are silicone neon strip lights?

This LED lighting product imitates the look and effect of neon without the expenses and dangers commonly associated with neon lights. Without the dangerous neon gases and high-voltage transformers, you can create captivating neon-like lighting with flexible strips. Each strip is encased in a silicone rubber tube, providing the strip with high-quality protection, acting as a diffuser, and giving a neon glow. Being easy to install in almost any structure, you can place these illuminated colourful options wherever it suits you.

Special features

One thing to note about silicone neon strip lights is that whilst they are incredibly bendy and flexible, the silicone material also keeps the product strong and weather-proof, meaning that it is not easily damaged. This also allows you to shape the lights accordingly to personal preference without the fear of them snapping.

Furthermore, these silicone neon strips have a light-emitting diode in a commonly copper holder for high stability, faster heat dissipation, and, in turn, a longer life span than regular bulbs. With a longer life span, this product will cost you less in the long run and be beneficial to the environment since you won’t have to replace it as much. These strips also run on a far lower voltage than regular neon, making it even more energy efficient.

Whilst normal LED strips are often described as too dazzling, these silicone neon strips are said to offer a soft and pleasant luminance that is perfect for any calming atmosphere. Furthermore, silicone neon tubes are also beneficial over normal LED strip lights due to their length. Whilst normal LED strips usually contain one to two metres of aluminium shell which is too short for large projects, silicone neon tubes can be even longer than ten metres in length, making them a better option for bigger demands.

The final thing to note about silicone neon strip lights is the amazing colour effects on offer. Homeowners are spoilt for choice with this lighting product, with neon glows being provided in a range of colours to complement your house interior.


So, if you’re considering a new lighting option to brighten up your home, the features and applications of silicone neon strip lights make them stand out from other products as a worthwhile option. Start investing in the advantages that these strips have over regular bulbs and traditional neon to embrace both energy and cost efficiency today!