Chandelier Height: Does It Really Matter in 2022 ?

Purchasing a new chandelier can put the finishing touch on your interior design. However, you need to make sure you put it at the right height to create the best light fixture. As a general argument, putting this luxurious centrepiece around 30 to 36 inches above the table works well, although there are other things you should be thinking about too. To determine how high you should be hanging your new chandelier, read on to uncover information!

Does height really matter?
For chandeliers, height matters to create particular effects. For example, if the chandelier is placed too high, the table may seem out of place, however, if it is placed correctly, it can give the table an intimate, romantic feel. If your dining table isn’t in the centre of the room, place the chandelier in the centre of the table rather than the centre of the room. This object works to light up the significant space in the room, making it perfect for the dining table. If in doubt, add other lights to other areas such as lamps.

Ceiling height
Although you may not think of this straight away, ceiling height certainly affects your chandelier height. Getting the proportion right is key to creating a grand finish, meaning that you need to consider if you have a high or low ceiling. For example, hanging the chandelier 30 inches higher than the table in a high-ceilinged room would seem out of proportion. Therefore, for every foot over 8 feet, you need to add 3 inches to the height that the chandelier hangs above the table. The chandelier height is almost always based on the height above the actual dining table rather than the ceiling.

To conclude…
If in doubt, place your chandelier in the centre of your table, with the bottom of it 30 inches above the dining table’s surface. If you think the height isn’t working for you, it can usually be adjusted after the light has been hung by adjusting links or cutting the hanging rod. Having the right proportion is key, so trust your gut if you feel like the measurements are off.

Getting this right can bring your whole interior together with a captivating, stunning style. Since the chandelier is like jewellery for your dining table, adding this decorative element to your home can really bring it to life. Hopefully, you can take on board some advice from this article and start adorning your home in the right way today!