All You Need to Know About LED Strip Lights Basics

Are you looking for a new way to transform your living space? Not everyone is an expert in interior design, but using lighting is an easy way to produce a great impact. Whether you want to impress any guest or simply make your house into more of a home, LED strip lights could be the solution you have been pining for. So, to find out how this modern product can alter the luxurious impression that each room in your house can give off, read on!

What are LED strip lights?

In simple terms, LED strip lights are long strips with little light-emitting diode chips placed at certain intervals. This flexible circuit board operates on a very low voltage direct current power and can be cut in length for personal preference.


Light strips are commonly available in a broad range of brightness levels and colours, either fixed or varying. This brightness level is decided using metric lumens, with the wattage rating not always dictating the actual light output. Brightness is usually described in lumens per foot, with high-quality strips providing 450 lumens per foot as a minimum.


LED strip lights are becoming increasingly used as a fresh interior design trend. Traditionally used for backlighting, decorative lighting, and accent lighting to draw focus onto particular items or areas, people have started to incorporate these lights into their homes.

One of the most popular places to put LED strip lights is around ceiling coving. This will brighten up the whole room in the colour of your choice. Placing the strips under shelves and cabinets also creates a showroom style look, whilst putting them around staircases, mirrors, and behind TV screens can also achieve a fresh yet comfortable look.

How are LED strip lights different from regular LED lights?

LED neon rope lights are constructed of individual bulbs enclosed in a plastic tube, whilst LED strip lights are made of surface-mounted LED chips stuck to a flattened piece of tape. Unlike normal LED bulbs, the strips are dimmable with the right equipment.

What are the benefits of LED strip lights?

There are plenty of advantages surrounding LED strip lights that may help you decide whether you want to invest in some of these products or not.


Whatever your preference, with the incredible amount of choice in brightness, colours, and cutting down options, there’s something to suit every interior design need!

Environmental benefits

LEDs are renowned for their environmental friendliness, with these products using less energy than traditional bulbs. Whilst also having a longer life span, homeowners wouldn’t have to replace their lighting as much, meaning that fewer materials need to be produced in the long run.

Cost efficiency

Not needing to replace your lights as much also means that you save more in the long term. With a cheap, effective solution to brighten up your home, buying into these bright and trendy lights is doable on a budget.

Hopefully, now you know have more of an idea of what LED strip lights are and what they can do for your need!